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February 9, 2016 0 Comments

You make brow contact before eye contact.

My eyebrows are currently undergoing a very scary transformation. On any given day I look like a cross between a bushy caterpillar and Burt Reynolds mustache are living on my face. I’m cold turkey-style not touching my brows for 6 whole months. And with good reason. The Feathered Brow. Yep, those perfect brows that are akin to Farrah Fawcett’s famous do. To get these brows is an exercise in patience and discipline. Every six weeks I’m trekking to STRIIIKE (LA’s newest and hottest beauty mecca) to have my brows tinted and shaped and filled in… but guess what… left hairy as hell. To top it off, I’ve got to Latisse them twice a day to stimulate the hair growth as well. I’ve got really, really dark hair, so folks, this is not pretty. But in the end (which is what I keep telling myself) they will be and all this “hairiness” will be worth it. (All ladies pictured are from STRIIIKE’s website and someday, one day, I’ll get there too.




February 9, 2016